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This guide contains resources relating to the study of ways that energy can be harnessed from our environment.

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Energy flow through the Earth

Energy flows through and among the spheres of Earth’s system. The vast majority of energy entering Earth’s system is solar energy, the energy of sunlight. A small fraction of energy enters the system as geothermal energy from deep within Earth’s interior. Energy can be transferred through Earth’s system in many forms. An example is the transfer of heat, or thermal energy, through Earth’s system. This occurs through three processes—radiation, convection, and conduction.

Earth 2016. Britannica School.


Rating: E    Production Year: 2013     Duration: 12:59

Description: Energy is never created nor destroyed - just transferred from one form to another. It's one of the most fundamental concepts in physics, but can be one that people find challenging when first introduced to it. This video production uses an engaging presenter and familiar objects and scenarios - including skateboarding, tennis, vehicles and plant growth - to explore different forms of energy, their effects on objects and processes and conversion from one form to another. Sections include what is energy, kinetic energy (including electrical, radiant and sound), potential energy and energy transformations.

Rating: G    Channel: ABC3    Production Year: 2015    Duration: 15:02

Description: It's all things alternative in this BtN Energy Special. BtN Science Reporter Carl Smith looks at some of the 'cleaner' energies and explains how they work, like solar energy and wave energy. We also learn about a new battery device that could change the way we generate power forever. He also investigates the pros and cons of Nuclear Energy and why Australia has never embraced this controversial power source.

Published on Dec 9, 2014

Australian researchers just unveiled the most efficient solar panels ever. How efficient are they, and what is the most efficient source of energy?