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This guide contains resources related to the study of practitioner, Jerzy Grotowski.


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About Jerzy Grotowski

 Born: born August 11, 1933 in Rzeszów, Poland
 Died: died January 14, 1999 in Pontedera, Italy
 Nationality: Polish
 Occupation: Stage director and theatrical theorist

 Jerzy Grotowski was founder and director of the small but influential  Polish Laboratory Theatre (1959). He propounded a "poor theatre," which  eliminates  all nonessentials, i.e., costumes, sound effects, makeup, sets,  lighting, and  strictly defined playing area, in an effort to redefine the relation  between actors  and the audience. Late in his career (1986) he opened the  Workcenter in the village of Pontedera, Italy, where his ideas about theater are  still explored,  actors are trained in his methods, and an abstract song and  movement  composition called Action is frequently performed.

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Rating:  E   Production Year:  2013    Duration:   33:01

Description: World famous theatre practitioner Jerzy Grotowski has had an enormous and positive influence on contemporary theatre. This programme explores his life and work and shows how his ideas and approaches can be used by students and teachers to create powerful and successful performances. Through the use of archive performance footage, interviews and examples of Grotowski inspired pieces, this resource enables students to apply Grotowski’s visionary insights to their own devised and scripted work.